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Can you help me locate one of the two Mustangs pictured below?  Please send me an email if you have any information about either of these Mustangs.  Thanks!!

Even if you don't know anything about either of these two Mustangs, if you know of a 1980 - 1982 Mustang with carriage roof, please send me an email.  Thanks!!

1981 Mustang Ghia Coupe with Carriage Roof (click to open larger pics in a new window)


On New Year's Eve 1980, my dad purchased this 1981 Ford Mustang Ghia coupe from Dee Harrison Ford in Monmouth, IL.  It was silver in color with a gray interior and a $650 factory option black carriage roof (a type of a roof covering that was made out of the same material as a convertible top, and was applied in a manner to make the car appear as if it was a convertible); and it had a 4 cylinder engine.  I have the vehicle identification number, and I am now trying to locate the car to determine its condition and potentially offer to purchase it from the current owner.  According to records from the IL Secretary of State vehicle registration web site and other reports, this car was registered to someone in Ft. Madison, IA in 1987; to someone in Carthage, IL in 1993; to someone in Ft. Madison, IA in 1995; and to someone in Keokuk, IA in 1996.  It was last registered in September 2001 to someone in Ursa, IL.  If you have any information at all about this car, please send me an email.  There is a monetary reward for information leading to the successful identification of the current owner and pics of the car in its current condition (regardless of whether or not I purchase the car).

Here is a pic of a car substantially identical to my dad's former car pictured above.  This pic is from the 1981 Ford Mustang dealer brochure (the only difference is the black lower body paint scheme; click to open larger pic in a new window)


1980 Mustang Coupe with Carriage Roof (click to open larger pic in a new window)


This yellow 1980 Mustang with the white carriage roof was spotted on the road near China Grove, NC in October 2015.  It still has a valid NC registration.  If you have any information about this car that can help me identify the current owner, please send me an email



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