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Our Web Site's Awards and Listings

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Check out some of our favorite links!

            Go to our homeschool web site!Go to our homeschool web site!
            This is our homeschool web site. Here you can read about our homeschooling philosophy, as well as our
            beliefs and matters of faith and practice, including Torah submissiveness.

            Go to the Klassic Rides web site!
            If you are looking for a restoration shop, check out Klassic Rides in Denver, NC. They performed the restoration on my
            1966 Mustang Fastback and my 1982 Mustang GT; and performed refresh work on my 1975 Mustang II Ghia, 1976 Mustang II Ghia,
            and my 1978 Mustang II King Cobra. The quality of their work is outstanding; I couldn't be more pleased with the results!

            Go to the Mustang Club of America web site!
            If you are a Mustang enthusiast, check out the Mustang Club of America!

            Go to the M6A web site!
            The Mustang 6 Association is for all 6-cylinder Mustangs, both straight-6 and V6, covering all Mustang years.
            Check them out today!

            Go to the Revology Cars web site!
            Revology Cars produces the world’s first licensed reproduction of the original Mustang. It is a brand-new authorized replica
            vehicle that looks like an original Mustang, but is designed and built using modern technology and materials for significantly
            improved performance, reliability, and comfort.  Take a look!

            Go to the In Search of Mustangs web site!
            In Search of Mustangs is the first all-encompassing Mustang registry of its kind. Its purpose is to document Mustang production
            for all Mustang years. Check out their statistics and register your Mustang!

            Go to the Mustang Owner's Museum web site!
            The Mustang Owner's Museum is located in Concord, NC. Check out their web site and plan a trip to the museum soon!

            Go to the 1982 - 1993 Mustang GT Registry web site!
            The 1982 - 1993 Mustang GT Registry is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of 1982 - 1993 Mustang GT's.
            They have a lot of excellent resources for Fox Mustang GT enthusiasts!

            Go to the Christian Adoption Services web site!  Go to the Social Welfare Society, Seoul, Korea web site!
            We adopted our four children through Christian Adoption Services in Matthews, North Carolina, working through
            Social Welfare Society (now known as Korea Welfare Services) in Seoul, Korea.

            Go to the Tour2Korea web site!
            The Tour2Korea web site is an excellent starting point for planning your next trip to Korea!

            Go to the Gethsemane International web site!
            Could you just give an orphan child one meal and then send him or her out to sleep in the streets? 
            Neither can
Gethsemane International...see how you can help.

            Read The Charlotte World article (PDF format)!
            Article from the Charlotte World about us and God's faithfulness in our desire to have children.

            Read The Charlotte World article (PDF format)!
            Follow-up article from the November 4, 2005 Charlotte World about how God built our family through adoption.

            Go to the Caleb Ministries web site!
            Caleb Ministries provides support to women who have lost babies or who have experienced infertility or abortion.

            Go to First Fruits of Zion's web site!
            First Fruits of Zion is
a ministry touching thousands of lives with the message of Torah and Messiah, and is dedicated
            to helping all of God's people, whether they be Jewish or non-Jewish, to experience the fullness of life as outlined
            within the Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanach, or "Old Testament") and the Apostolic Scriptures (the "New Testament").

            Go to the TorahPortions web site!
            Torah PORTIONS seeks to encourage Christians to become familiar with the five books of Moses. On these pages you
            can follow, read and hear the weekly portions from the Torah, as well as the readings from the Haftarah (Prophets)
            and the Gospels.  Download you own readings chart here.

            Go to the Torah Club web site!
            Torah Club is a Messianic Torah study program, presented in five separate volumes, designed around the weekly Torah
            readings.  Torah Club will not only change the way you think about the Bible, it will change the way you apply the Bible!

            Go to the Bereans Online web site!
            Bereans Online is an online community of believers who endeavor to approach the Scriptures in context, with as little
            theological bias as possible.

            Go to the Bella Torah web site!
            Bella Torah is an assembly of believers in Messiah Yeshua who gather to worship God through liturgical prayer, song,
            and Scripture, in Charlotte, NC.

            Go to Torah Resource's web site!
            The purpose of Torah Resource i
s to support and encourage Torah Communities by providing biblically based
            materials; historical, linguistic, and cultural studies; leadership training; and mentoring

            Go to the No Greater Joy Ministries web site!
            No Greater Joy Ministries has a lot of great child training resources.

            Go to the Doorposts web site!
            Doorposts offers resources to assist parents in serving God by raising up godly children who love and obey His Word.

            Go to the Wallbuilders web site!
            Wallbuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on
            the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built.

            Go to the Stand to Reason web site!
            Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet
            gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square.

            Go to The Holy Land Experience web site!
            Visit The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida!

            Go to the Answers in Genesis web site!
            Answers in Genesis
is a Christian apologetics ministry that equips the saints to uphold the authority of the Bible from the very
            first verse, providing Biblical answers to tough questions about Creation, Evolution, and the Bible.

            Go to the Living Waters web site!
            Living Waters educates Christians in the principles of Biblical evangelism.  You will find excellent evangelism resources
            in their
online store.  Listen to "Hell's Best Kept Secret" here.

            Go to the Institute in Basic Life Principles web site!
            The Institute in Basic Life Principles was established for the purpose of introducing people to Yeshua the Messiah,
            and is dedicated to giving individuals, families, churches, schools, communities, governments, and businesses clear
            instruction and training on how to find success by following God’s principles found in Scripture.

           The Southern Baptists got it right when they adopted their Statement on the Family.

            Go to the Word of Messiah web site!
            Word of Messiah takes the good news of Messiah Yeshua to the Jew first, and to the Gentile also.

            Go to the University of Tulsa web site!   Go to the Golden Hurricane Athletics web site!
            The University of Tulsa - our alma mater!  Go Golden Hurricane!

            Go to the Sterzing's Potato Chips web site!
            Sterzing's Potato Chips are made in southeast Iowa and are without a doubt the best potato chips in the world.
            "Tri-some" today!

            Go to the This Day in History web site!
            Would you like to know what happened on this day in history?

            Go to the Quo Vadis web site!
            Quo Vadis LLC helps small businesses leverage technology by stabilizing existing network infrastructure, providing
            virtual IT staff to field questions and respond to technology requests.  Give them a call - you will be glad you did!

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