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1966 Mustang Production Info, Ads, Prices, Options, and Data Plate Codes

1966 Mustang Production Information

The earliest recorded build dates for the 1966 model year are 16Aug65 for Dearborn and San Jose, and 25Aug65 for Metuchen.  For 1966, the Mustang again was offered in three body styles - coupe, convertible, and fastback.  The Mustang design was not changed much for 1966. The grille design changed a bit - the honeycomb grille was replaced by a horizontal bar design, and the vertical and horizontal bars extending from the running poly corral were dropped.  The bright hood lip moulding introduced with the 1965 Mustang GT package became standard, as did backup lights and the lower rocker panel moulding.  Redesigned side mirror, side scoop chrome trim with three windsplits (coupe and convertible only), wheel covers, and a restyled gas cap completed the exterior changes.  On the interior, the instrument panel was redesigned with five round gauges, replacing the panel borrowed from the Ford Falcon for previous model years; the glove box door was redesigned, and the standard vinyl seat design was changed to a "woven" pattern. 

Ford broke the 1,000,000 Mustang mark in 1966, only 18 months after its introduction, when the 1,000,000th Mustang rolled off the assembly line on 02Mar66.  To celebrate (and to avoid a potential production problem due to the overwhelming popularity of the 289 V8 engine), Ford released the Sprint 200 Mustang.   These specially-equipped six-cylinder Mustangs came with special wire wheel covers, side accent pinstripe and rocker panel moulding (side scoop chrome trim omitted), center console, and chrome oil-filler cap and air cleaner with a special air cleaner decal which read "Mustang Powered Sprint 200".  The earliest known Sprint 200 was built on 11Jan66.

Shelby G.T. 350 Mustangs returned again in 1966.  Changes from the 1965 models included the installation of a plexiglass quarter window instead of the previous year's air vents; the addition of  functional quarter panel air scoops that fed cool air to the rear brakes; an optional automatic transmission, the addition of the Cobra G.T. 350 logo on the gas cap, and color choices were expanded to include Wimbledon White, Candy Apple Red, Sapphire Blue, Ivy Green, and Raven Black.  On the interior, a fold-down rear seat was added, as was the deluxe Mustang woodgrain steering wheel and Cobra tachometer.   Less than ten of the Shelby G.T. 350's produced in 1966 were convertibles, making them the rarest of Mustang convertibles.  Shelby also produced 11 supercharged G.T. 350S models.  Hertz Corporation ordered approximately 1,000 G.T. 350's to offer as rentals (designated as "G.T. 350H"), nearly doubling sales of the Shelby G.T. 350's for the year.  Most of the G.T. 350H models received a black paint scheme with gold racing stripes, and black interior. 

In 1966 there were also 333 High Country Specials produced, of which only 35 were convertibles.  The High Country Special was a promotion that Ford ran from 1966-68. The Mustangs came in three special colors: Timberline Green, Columbine Blue, and Aspen Gold. All came with special emblems that dealers were free to mount where they wanted. They were only sold in Colorado, Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska.

One other little known special edition called the "Anniversary Gold Mustang" is also said to have been produced, to celebrate the production of the one millionth Mustang in March 1966. It is believed that less than 50 of these Mustang hardtops were made. These Mustangs are said to have been given special order gold paint and black deluxe "pony" interiors. All known examples of this package were produced at the San Jose plant, and have a DSO of 33111 and a common build date of March 29th. It is not known how these Mustangs were distributed or why they were produced. It is believed that they were part of a dealer sales competition, with just one going to each of Ford's sales districts.

1966 Mustangs exported to Germany were given the model name "T-5", since another company owned the rights to the name "Mustang" (T-5 was the original name Ford had given to the Mustang project).  There were a few mechanical modifications for the German market.  While the tri-bar running Mustang emblems remained intact on the fenders, steering wheel, glove box, gas cap, and wheel covers, cosmetic changes included replacing the "Mustang" fender badge with a rectangular "T-5" badge, removal of the engraved "Mustang" lettering on the steering wheel and gas cap, and a speedometer calibrated in kilometers per hour for T-5s sold to German residents (T-5s sold to US military personnel in Germany retained MPH calibrated speedometers).  It is not known how many T-5s were produced in 1966, but the production number is estimated at approximately 600.

In addition to the three U.S. plants which produced 1966 Mustangs, Ford also produced 1966 Mustangs at plants in Mexico City (over 2000 units, VIN starting with "AF") and Amsterdam, the Netherlands (approx. 240 units, VIN starting with "AN").  In addition, in a pilot program, approximately 160 1966 Mustangs were shipped from the U.S. to Ford of Australia's plant near Sydney either as pre-assembled "bare bones" vehicles or as "knock-down" units (VIN starting with "AA"), and converted to right-hand drive to meet Australian legal requirements (a plate was installed on the right door sill declaring the vehicles "Made by Ford Australia," and an "Australian Compliance Plate" was affixed to the firewall).  Production at all three of these international plants was limited to the coupe body style (signified by the digits "07" in the VIN), and each carry their own unique style of data plate.

Data Plate Decoder

Click the data plate graphic to decode your 1966 Mustang's data plate.   Explanations for all data plate codes are presented in the table below.

Scott Martin's 1966 Mustang Data Plate Decoder

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Base Prices
 Convertible, standard  $2,652 
 Coupe, standard  $2,416 
 2+2 Fastback, standard  $2,607 

Options and Prices
 289cid-2V 200HP V-8(extra charge over 200cid 6cyl) $106 
 289cid-4V Challenger V-8 (extra charge over 289cid-2V) $53 
 289cid-4V HiPo Cobra V-8 (includes Special Handling
   Package and 6.95x14 Dual Red Band Nylon Tires)
      With GT Equipment Group $277 
      Without GT Equipment Group $328 
 Cruise-O-Matic (6cyl) $176 
 Cruise-O-Matic (V-8 200HP and Challenger) $185 
 Cruise-O-Matic (V-8 HiPo) $216 
 Four-Speed Manual (6cyl) $113 
 Four-Speed Manual (V-8) $184 
 Power Assists:  
 Power Brakes $42 
 Power Steering $84 
 Power Top (Convertible) $53 
 Performance Equipment:  
 Battery - Heavy Duty 55 Amp $7 
 Disc Brakes - Front - V-8 (N/A with Power Brakes) $57 
 GT Equipment Group (Available with Challenger V-8
   or HiPo V-8 only; includes Dual Exhaust System,
   Fog Lamps, Grille Bar, Special Ornamentation, Disc
   Brakes, Special Handling Package Components,
   GT Stripe;  delete Rocker Panel Moulding)
 Limited Slip Differential $42 
 Rally-Pac - Clock / Tachometer $69 
 Special Handling Package - V-8 and Challenger V-8
   (includes increased rate front and rear springs,
   larger front and rear springs, larger front all
   steering ratio, and larger diameter front stabilizer bar)


 Wheels, Styled Steel 14" (V-8 models only) $94 
 Safety Equipment:  
 Electric Windshield Wipers, 2-speed $13 
 Glass, Tinted and Banded Windshield $30 
 Glass, Tinted Windshield only $21 
 Seat Belts - Deluxe, Front and Rear;
   Front Retractors and Warning Light
 Visibility Group (includes Remote Control Mirror,
   Day/Nite Mirror, and 2-speed Electric Wipers)
 Comfort-Convenience Equipment:
 Air Conditioner - Ford (Tinted Glass recommended) $311 
 AM Radio - Stereosonic Tape System $128 
 Front Seat, Full Width / Arm Rest
   (Coupe/Convertible only)
 Luggage Rack - Rear Deck Lid (Coupe/Convertible only) $32 
 Radio and Antenna $58 
 Appearance Equipment:  
 Accent Stripe (less rear quarter ornamentation) $14 
 Console - Full Length $50 
 Console - For use with Air Conditioner $32 
 Deluxe Steering Wheel - Simulated Wood Grain $32 
 Interior Decor Group (includes Special Interior Trim,
   Deluxe Wood Grain Steering Wheel, R/W Door
   Courtesy Lights, and Pistol Grip Door Handles
 Vinyl Roof (Coupe) $74 
 Wire Wheel Covers $58 
 Wheel Covers - Knock-Off Hubs $19 
 Special Equipment:  
 Closed Crankcase Emission System - Available only with
   Exhaust Emission Control System;
   not available with HiPo V-8
 Exhaust Emission Control System
   (not available with HiPo V-8)
 Optional Tires:
 6.95x14 4pr White Sidewall (5) $33 
 6.95x14 4pr Black Sidewall, Nylon (5) $16 
 6.95x14 4pr White Sidewall, Nylon (5) $49 
 6.95x14 4pr Dual Red Band, Nylon (5) $49 
 Delete Options:  
 Magicaire Heater ($32)

Interior Trim Codes
 Blue w/Blue Trim 22 
 Red w/Red Trim 25 
 Black w/Black Trim 26 
 Aqua w/Aqua Trim 27 
 Blue Bench 32 
 Red Bench 35 
 Black Bench 36 
 Blue & White (Luxury) 62 
 Emberglo & Parchment (Luxury) 64 
 Red (Luxury) 65 
 Black (Luxury) 66 
 Aqua & White (Luxury)  67 
 Ivy Gold & White (Luxury) 68 
 Parchment w/Blue Trim Bench C2 
 Parchment w/Burgundy Trim Bench C3 
 Parchment w/Emberglo Trim Bench C4 
 Parchment w/Black Trim Bench C6 
 Parchment w/Aqua Trim Bench C7 
 Parchment w/Ivy Gold Trim Bench C8 
 Parchment w/Palomino Trim Bench C9 
 Parchment w/Blue Trim D2 
 Parchment w/Burgundy Trim D3 
 Parchment w/Emberglo Trim D4 
 Parchment w/Black Trim D6 
 Parchment w/Aqua Trim D7 
 Parchment w/Ivy Gold Trim D8 
 Parchment w/Palomino Trim D9 
 Parchment w/Blue Trim (Luxury) F2 
 Parchment w/Burgundy Trim (Luxury) F3 
 Parchment w/Emberglo Trim (Luxury) F4 
 Parchment w/Black Trim (Luxury) F6 
 Parchment w/Aqua Trim (Luxury) F7 
 Parchment w/Ivy Gold Trim (Luxury) F8 
 Parchment w/Palomino Trim (Luxury) F9 

Transmission Codes
 3-Speed Manual
 4-Speed Manual
 Dual Range Automatic (C-4)
Production Statistics
 Convertible, standard 56,409 
 Convertible, bench seats 3,190 
 Convertible, luxury 12,520 
 Coupe, standard 422,416 
 Coupe, bench seats 21,397 
 Coupe, luxury 55,938 
 2+2 Fastback, standard 27,809 
 2+2 Fastback, luxury 7,889 
 Total 607,568 

Vehicle Identification Numbers
6 Last digit of model year
F Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
08 Body code (07-Coupe, 08-Convertible, 09-Fastback)
T Engine code (see below)
100001 Consecutive unit number



200cid-1V 6-cyl 120 hp T Code
289cid-2V V-8 200 hp C Code
289cid-4V V-8 225 hp A Code

 289cid-4V (Hi-Po)

V-8 271 hp K Code

Body Codes
 Convertible, standard 76A 
 Convertible, bench seats 76C 
 Convertible, luxury 76B 
 Coupe, standard 65A 
 Coupe, bench seats 65C 
 Coupe, luxury 65B 
 2+2 Fastback, standard 63A 
 2+2 Fastback, luxury 63B 

Exterior Colors and Codes (hover here for a paint chart)

 Antique Bronze

 Arcadian Blue
 Brittany Blue (see Note 1) Q7 
 Candy Apple Red
 Clearwater Aqua (see Note 1) W7 
 Dark Moss Green (see Note 1)  Y7 
 Dark Green Metallic
 Ivy Green Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Light Beige Special Order (code blank) 
 Maroon Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Medium Palomino Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Sauterne Gold Metallic
 Medium Silver Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Nightmist Blue
 Raven Black
 Sahara Beige
 Medium Sage Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Signalflare Red
 Silver Blue
 Silver Blue Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Silver Frost
 Springtime Yellow
 Tahoe Turquoise
 Tahoe Turquoise Metallic Special Order (code blank) 
 Tropical Turquoise
 Vintage Burgundy
 Wimbledon White
 Timberline Green High Country Special Only 
 Columbine Blue High Country Special Only 
 Aspen Gold High Country Special Only 
 Note 1: '67 color offered late in '66 model year.

Date Codes (The two numbers preceding the date code represents the production day.)
 January A   
 February B   
 March C   
 April D   
 May E   
 June F   
 July G   
 August H (1965) / V (1966) 
 September J   
 October K   
 November L   
 December M   

District Sales Offices (see note below)
 Boston 11 Kansas City 53
 Buffalo 12 Omaha 54
 New York 13 St. Louis 55
 Pittsburgh 14 Dallas 61
 Newark 15 Houston 62
 Atlanta 21 Memphis 63
 Charlotte 22 New Orleans 64
 Philadelphia 23 Oklahoma City 65
 Jacksonville 24 Los Angeles 71
 Richmond 25 San Jose 72
 Washington, DC 26 Salt Lake City 73
 Cincinnati 31 Seattle 74
 Cleveland 32 Ford of Canada 81
 Detroit 33 Government 83
 Indianapolis 34 Home Office Reserve 84
 Lansing 35 American Red Cross 85
 Louisville 36 Transportation Services 89
 Chicago 41 Export 90 - 99
 Fargo 42 Canada Central Region B1
 Rockford 43 Canada Eastern Region B2
 Twin Cities 44 Canada Atlantic Region B3
 Davenport 45 Canada Midwest Region B4
 Denver 51 Canada Western Region B6
 Des Moines 52 Canada Pacific Region B7

Note: Some 1966 Mustangs built late in the 1966 production year may have 1967 DSO codes. Thanks to Gerry McCabe for bringing this to my attention! 

Rear Axle Ratio Codes
 3.00:1   1 3.00:1   A
 2.83:1   2 3.20:1   C
 3.20:1   3 3.25:1   D
 3.25:1   4 3.50:1   E
 3.5:1   5 2.80:1   F
 2.8:1   6 3.89:1   H
 3.89:1   8 2.83:1 L
Note: 1966 Mustangs with alpha rear axle ratio codes feature the
Equa-Lock Differential.

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